Customer Feedback

This is a space for me to add specific feedback from people who have used my service:


DE – July 2019:

’I enjoyed the [therapeutic] space and its calm atmosphere.  It felt like a safe space to engage in discussion.

  • The quick and clear communication, and quick access to help
  • The feeling of being in control of my own journey
  • The feeling that lines of communication were open and that extra communication was not a burden – very, very important
  • The complete non-judgemental approach that was experienced and the feeling that any information of any nature could be discussed (I have experienced counselling before that has been judgemental)
  • A hard process made much more comfortable by David’s professional manner.

Many thanks


HL – 21 August 2019

‘Amazing, helpful, kind and patient to sit and listen for an hour.  I would recommend this service to all who need it.’


KB – 22 August 2019

’Really appreciated this time David took to listen, understand and explain to me.

The thorough explanation and understanding of something has been very meaningful and valuable.

I feel understood for the first time in my life.  A big thank you to David.’


CF – 29 August 2019

‘Great service and felt at ease with David even when inside I was extremely anxious.’


LG – 2 October 2019

‘Really helpful and personal throughout.  Took me seriously and made me feel safe throughout the process.  Thank you.’