CORONAVIRUS Update July 2020

Again, I hope that you are managing to keep safe and to cope through the ever changing evolution of the pandemic, now that we are slowly, sometimes confusingly, and still concerningly moving towards some sense of normality.

I have found that the journey so far has had ups as well as downs. I would be lying if I were to say there haven’t been any positive aspects to more time at home, more time being able to enjoy periods of sunshine, and getting some things done around the house that we hadn’t gotten around to for a long time. I’ve noticed people’s gardens looking more lush, cars often cleaner as they are driven less, and the world being a more peaceful and quiet place.

The downside has been a fluctuating level of anxiety, frustration at not being able to enjoy the variety we previously took for granted, and the lack of contact with loved ones, friends and colleagues. Not to mention screen exhaustion and the impact of sitting in one place for long periods.

The picture below was emailed to me by one of my NHS colleagues, and highlights video calling / meetings and the impact they can have.












I certainly have experienced the ‘Zoom exhaustion’ people are talking about.  Sitting in front of a screen at home all week rather than seeing clients in different location around the county is tough as it’s important to structure time with sufficient breaks.

Below is a helpful picture to encourage just this:


Clear Sky Therapies COVID-19 Update 

I’ve been having requests about when I can start seeing people face to face again.  My home office space is not huge, so I’ve been looking into the practicalities of how I can increase safety and reduce the risk factors as much as possible.